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RDSoccer Training  offers the following 


In today's youth soccer their is a lack of proper training for the player that wants to learn how to be a true defender.  Most coaches and programs today focus on sessions with mostly all ball with the primary focus on the attacking players with little to no training on defending techniques. RDST was formed to give players a training curriculum to master the DEFENDING position. Players that are playing the Sweeper, Stopper, Fullback, Central Defensive Midfielder now have a program that will focus on their growth. The program is also for the attacking player that wants to take there game to the next level by learning the proper skills needed on core defending. 



One-on-one training is a great way to raise your overall level of play. RDST will design a specific training plan to meet the individual development needs of our players. Private training, allows both the player and coach to focus on the individual player development. In our positive & personal learning environment, we will educate our players on the correct dribbling, passing & shooting techniques, which will help maximize their individual development. We have the ability & knowledge to incorporate speed, agility & quickness training to our sessions. Our small group training will have no more then four players max. Our private sessions are available all year round. Whether you need extra training to prepare for your upcoming season, or need to improve specific aspects of your game while in season, we will arrange the best plan possible to meet your needs.  

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RDST Soccer offers Club Training . Please contact us for more information. 

The program is designed to avoid conflicts with the player's Club soccer commitments.

RDST Select participants will train twice per week and participate in 3 summer tournaments. The program begins once traditional Club teams end the Spring season and then runs from June 17th - July 28th, before traditional Club soccer resumes.

The All-In Registration fee includes two Dri-Fit jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, & 1 pair of socks, as well as all tournament, carding, and training fees. No hidden costs.

The carding process is designed so that you will not need to obtain a release of your player’s current Club team pass. They will remain carded to their current Club team at all times.


RDST offers an array of services from player carding, scheduling, player registration, uniform ordering, website services, club fundraising, team & tournament registration and much more. We have the experience on how to run the every day operations of a recreational and travel soccer program. If your thinking about starting a new soccer program or would like a current evaluation on how to improve your current program please setup a free consultation.
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